Apart from my concert life, I create projects in collaboration with playwright, director & actress Ege Maltepe. In these projects I build the concept and structure and choose or compose and play the music. Ege works as a playwright, performer and sometimes the director. Here are some of the examples of our work: _________________________________________________________________________________


Website-Theatrical.001A concert-drama that compares Schubert’s final year (1827) before he died, with the artistic life of 2014. The text is written by Ege Maltepe. A musicologist’s scientist partner invents the time machine and goes back in time. She coincidently meets Schubert and they call back 2014 through Skype and talk to the musicologist. The text is inspired by pieces from Schubert.


GENIUS (by Chopin)


A Concert-Drama on the timeless genius of the celebrated composer Frederic Chopin. The text is written by Ege Maltepe and it is based on the 6 scenes that take place in different time periods; to emphasize the timelessness of Chopin’s music.

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Website-Theatrical.002A Project combining storytelling with Beethoven’s Music in collaboration with actress Ege Maltepe. The Concert-Drama is based on the story I made up on Beethoven’s 7th Sonata, the stories that were made up on his sonatas or even Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” which Beethoven was inspired to compose two great sonatas. Premiered in Caffe Vivaldi-West Village, NY

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TEA for 3

Website-Theatrical.004A Trilogy on the multicultural face of New York written and directed by Ege Maltepe. I am the musical director of the play. We used theme songs for the three leading characters in the play while rest of the scenes were accompanied by extracts from the compositions by W.A. Mozart. Premiered in LaGuardia Performing Arts Center- Queens, NY

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Website-Theatrical.006“Variations after Joe” is a play written out of  improvisation by Ege Maltepe  in collaboration with New Actors Players. For the performances, I played excerpts from J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations; which was the main inspiration for the playwright. Premiered in Cave Art Space – Brooklyn, NY photo from the preview by Elif Levent _________________________________________________________________________________


Website-Theatrical.005A Concert-drama on Schumann’s Carnaval & Forest Scenes.

(Work in progress)